Mirage Guide – Apex Legends

Mirage Guide – Apex Legends

The Hologram Man.

Meet The #1 Mirage In Apex Legends On All Platforms (150,000+ Kills)

Have you ever seen a mirage in apex legends with over 150,000+ kills on them? I hadn’t either until I met #1 Mirage on all platforms. In this video Abusing R2 gives you some insider secret tips on how mirage is meant to be played from a professional players perspective. He has also been an apex predator multiple seasons so he shares some insider info on how to play mirage in ranked too!

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MIRAGE GUIDE | How To Play Mirage! Beginner & Advanced Tips Season 12 – Apex Legends

How To Play Mirage!
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intro 0:00
Tactical breakdown 0:22
Passive Breakdown 1:29
Ultimate Breakdwon 1:37
How To Play 2:54
Using Decoys 3:12
Decoy Intel Tips 3:44
Decoy Deception Tips 4:39
Playstyle 10:24

How To Play Mirage Season 14 Tips & Tricks | Apex Legends Season 14 Tips & Tricks

How To Play Mirage Season 14 Tips & Tricks
In today video Apex Legends Season 14 Tips & Tricks
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Mirage is SO Good in Season 14… – Apex Legends

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